Your chance to get more from Interest Group meetings

ITS (UK) has 14 Interest Groups concentrating on different aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems, their delivery and the people involved.

These groups meet regularly, and ITS (UK) has, on average, around 30 Interest Group meetings per year. These events take place across the country and usually attract between 40 and 100 industry professionals, many of them budget holders and decision makers.

ITS (UK) is now offering organisations the chance to increase their profile and reputation by sponsoring these meetings. This promotion is not limited to the meeting itself but also in pre- and post-event publicity.

Specifically sponsors get:

  • Company name credit on all pre and post publicity emails to members and on the website
  • Credit on the ITS (UK) calendar of events
  • The right to put up a pop-up banner at the meeting
  • The right to have a speaker at the meeting*
  • The right to distribute promotional material at the meeting
  • “With thanks to” credit on ITS (UK) Twitter and LinkedIn posts
  • Credit to the sponsor in the Interest Group Round-up page in Smart Highways magazine

Price £500 + VAT for members, £1,000 + VAT non-members.

Multiple meeting packages also available, enquire for details.

Companies donating premises and refreshments get the above publicity in return for their generosity.

*Presentations must be relevant to meeting and not “sales pitches”

For more information and to book a package contact:

Ruksha Soysa, Operations Manager

020 7709 3005

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