WSP celebrates another key milestone on connected vehicle trial project

ITS (UK) member WSP is celebrating the completion of the latest on-road testing of the A2M2 Connected Corridor between London and Dover, part of the UK’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Programme.

Known as TestFest, the event – led by fellow members the Department for Transport and its UK partners Highways England, Transport for London and Kent County Council – tested cross-border interoperability of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Services (C-ITS), with the support of the engineering and professional services consultancy, WSP.

The TestFest event is part of InterCor, a wider European project connecting C-ITS corridors in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.  Taking place from 18th – 28th March across the 4 European countries, starting in the UK, the event tested the interoperability of each member state’s C-ITS solution – aiming for a seamless journey through each Testbed. 

The A2M2 Connected Corridor is being delivered with the objective of advancing C-ITS standards for the industry and is a UK flagship CAV pilot project in the transport industry.

Covering urban, interurban and rural roads between London and Dover, the connected corridor pilot provides connections between vehicles and traffic control systems which allows vehicles to receive information from roadside infrastructure and traffic management systems.

WSP has been working collaboratively with Highways England from the Outline Design Phase that created their business case for the project, and with the UK partner organisations since the Detailed Design Phase.

Bill Scourfield, Senior Project Manager and WSP A2M2 Lead said, “This is another significant milestone for the project and one that facilitates cross-European learning and collaboration. It is also the first opportunity for the UK to test its in-car systems in the European Testbeds.

“I’m really proud of the contribution the WSP team have made to a project which is a key stepping stone in the quest to improve the reliability and safety of journeys for road users in the future.”

The project will continue to operate the UK solution in the months to come, providing more detailed evaluation of potential user and traffic impacts as well the technical solution – helping to inform the UK’s CAV deployments of the future.

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