Vaisala Launches RoadAI, Improves Road Maintenance Efficiency

ITS (UK) member Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced the development of an advanced X-band Weather Radar.

The radar will make it an ideal instrument to enhance the weather detection capabilities of a specific location. In difficult terrain, it fills the gaps to reliably detect snow, rain, and other weather activity. 

Adding X-band radars to an existing network will also improve the accuracy of precipitation measurement, providing better data for flood warnings or hydro-electric power plants, for example. In airport environments, the radar allows for detection of wind shear, wake vortices, convective weather, and even migrating birds.

The new X-band Weather Radar provides remarkable benefits for the customer:

  • Cost-efficiency — With less maintenance, fewer site visits, durable solid state transmitter and remote operation, X-band’s easy installation and calibration ensures low lifetime cost. 
  • High-quality data — Increased sensitivity, improved reliability, and continuous calibration means accurate and consistent data.
  • Outstanding performance — The X-band radar is designed for changing weather conditions to deliver accurate and robust measurement data with higher resolution and better precision for short-range meteorological surveillance.
  • Ease of installation and integration — Easy “plug-and-play” installation and seamless integration allows the X-band to work with existing weather radar systems as well as wind lidars, brought together through Vaisala IRIS software suite.

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