TRL highlights Project Edward initiative as part of the need to increase road safety across Europe

Project Edward is a European initiative that was first introduced in 2016 with the aim of reducing death and serious injuries on roads. Each year, a ‘day of action’ is planned where the goal is to have zero fatalities on Europe’s roads for the duration of the 24 hours. This year, the day of action took place on Thursday 26th September.

The positive work of Project Edward has overseen excellent progress towards its 2020 50% reduction target, though in recent years this progress has slowed. In a bid to get the progress back on track, drivers have been urged to ‘pledge’ to driving at legal speeds, not using mobile phones whilst at the wheel and to being extra attentive towards vulnerable road users such as cyclists and horse riders.

At  ITS (UK) Executive Member TRL, they say safety is at the heart of everything the do, which is why they are working hard to reduce the amount of collisions and deaths on our roads alongside initiatives such as Project Edward. For example, they have recently worked on behalf of the European Commission to develop 17 innovative vehicles safety measures, the compound effect of which, according to calculations based on the three-layer protection model, will save a minimum of 25,000 lives and prevent serious or slight injuries in the event of a collision.

A first of their kind anywhere in the world, these safety standards place the EU at the head of the regulatory safety race for a connected and automated vehicle (CAV) future while delivering outstanding safety benefits to European society.

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