Krishna Desai

Communications Director
Other positions:
Global Marketing Manager, Cubic


An enthusiastic marketing communications professional, with six years’ experience within the transport and technology industry.

Having spent her entire working career at Cubic Transportation Systems, Krishna is now head of marketing for Cubic’s entire marketing function globally. Being named the ‘exhibition queen’ for her initiative stand designs and product placements, Krishna also has many other skillsets from managing public relations, creating highly engaging video content, and the ability to advocate for new types of marketing such as social media. 

Krishna was voted in as being Marketing Communications Director for ITSUK for these reasons and to bring a new prospective into the way the industry is positioning itself and how it should think when building policies that affect a different demographic. The world is changing and so is ITS, it’s the time now to be a collective. Recently Krishna has taken an interest in using her inbuilt endless passion to the stage and being more involved with public and motivational speaking, for women in transport, STEM, the Transport Industry as a whole or for people building their own personal brands.

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