Speed Limiters are Critical to Saving Lives and Form Part of EU’s New Suite of Safety Measures

ITS (UK) Executive member TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) has provided key input into the European Commission regarding the formulation of a range of 17 new vehicle safety measures.

The UK team also conducted the complete evidence review behind each measure to inform the European Government’s decision.

The much talked about speed limiters, otherwise known as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), will save up to 25,000 lives alongside 16 other safety measures agreed by the European Parliament, Council and Commission.

ISA alerts and prevents the driver from accelerating above the speed limit. This is crucial to influence driver behaviour and reduce driving speed. When a vehicle is even marginally speeding it can make the difference between a collision that is avoidable and a serious or fatal collision. Preventing a vehicle from speeding will also increase the effectiveness of all other safety measures in the new European General Safety Regulations.

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