Siemens celebrates diversity on pedestrian signals

Four special designs have been created to represent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) relationships, using the widely recognised gender symbols. Inspired by a similar set of traffic signals that was produced for London Pride in 2016, these unique signals were produced by ITS (UK) members Siemens to help demonstrate Bournemouth’s support for LGBT+ diversity.

Siemens has changed 20 of the traditional ‘green-man’ symbols to different diversity symbols, with these remaining in place for the duration of the three-day festival. The signals being changed are on the junctions of Poole Hill and Avenue Road, Gervis Place and Westover Road and Exeter Road and Terrace Road.

Neal Errington, Trustee at Bourne Free, said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Siemens on this clever and exciting venture, which will be so visible during our colourful event and along our parade route, amongst other areas in Bournemouth.  We hope this sign of support continues and enlightens other companies and communities to engage in such a proud way.”

Jamie Griffiths, Traffic Manager at Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “Having worked closely with the organisers of Bourne Free over a number of years, we’re pleased to be able to show our support for this year’s event in a more imaginative and eye-catching way.  Hopefully these installations on some of the town centre pedestrian signals will help highlight the event and celebrate the diversity of Bournemouth.”


Wilke Reints, Managing Director, Siemens ITS, said: “We are proud to have worked so closely with Bourne Free and Bournemouth Borough Council on this initiative, and to show our support for the festival in a fun and engaging way by installing these special signal designs.

“Diversity and inclusivity is very important to us and our employees, and this is a great example of a simple idea having a major impact. I’m also delighted that many of our staff have volunteered to support the festival, helping not only with the set up, but also as walking marshals on the parade itself and distributing Pride information and goodies.”

Second picture details from left to right: Benjamin Horgan, Trustee (Volunteer Coordinator), Bourne Free Pride Festival; Wilke Reints, Managing Director, Siemens ITS; Kelvin Hastings-Gordon: Trustee, Bourne Free Pride Festival; Jamie Griffiths, Traffic Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council; Nina Alner, Contract Manager, Siemens ITS

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