React Accessibility launches React NaPTAN editor

January 13 2020

In response to the new legal requirement on Local Authorities to manage and maintain their NaPTAN database, ITS (UK) member React Accessibility has launched its React NaPTAN editor.

The Editor allows authorities to easily modify their stop information and both down and upload to the DfT system and includes stop group maintenance and a map feature.

It is unique in that it is web based, and includes loads of additional fields that make it easier to find and manage stops and records – like additional asset numbers (to take account of third party shelters, for example), stop accessibility status (ready for the Accessibility requirements currently planned), and current equipment fields.

In addition, the system can advise neighbouring authorities when you change a stop that affects them (and vice versa) and features to allow automated listing of stops requiring publicity or equipment updates are near completion.

A really exciting optional enhancement is the React Bus Stop Wiki, which allows real time assessment of stop accessibility features, like digital displays, audible announcements and paper publicity by your staff or any other interested party. This feeds directly into the database and makes it much easier to know the state of your stop stock and associated equipment.

And finally, it is very good value and well below most authority OJEU thresholds.


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