Project using eCall data to improve safety and journey times

A newly awarded project involving a leading ITS (UK) member will explore how use of the newly emerging eCall data could help improve safety and reduce congestion on England’s Strategic Road Network.

Chiltech Limited, with partners Centras Associates, ITS (UK) SME Member White Willow Consulting and ShadowFocus Consultancy, have been awarded £70,000 under Executive Member Highways  England’s Developing Digital Roads Competition for the “HECall” project. This project will look at the data already being received in the UK from the eCall system where vehicles send emergency messages either automatically when the airbag deploys or via a manual button press. The project will look at the opportunity to reduce traffic management response times from minutes to seconds, and the volume and type of existing messages. 

The team comprises Danny Woolard, Alan Gentle, Andy Rooke and Andy Graham, all very experienced in roads data, HE operations, eCall itself and  systems integration, as well as roads policing and the emergency services.

The project is a feasibility study, which will report in November 2019 with a proposal for a more detailed demonstration of an innovative prototype system that could also be exported to other road networks.

The team commented, “ For a long time now we have seen eCall data as an untapped mine of useful intelligence about collisions and events on the network and its pleasing that Highways England have also seen this value.”

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