New VMS app delivers greater speed and flexibility

Traffic managers are now able to control their variable message signs (VMS) with greater flexibility and speed, with a new app from VMS manufacturer and creator of ITS products and integrated solutions, ITS (UK) member Bartco UK, and its sister company MVIS.

BartcoLiveTM enables users of Bartco UK VMS to create new messages remotely via Apple and Android smartphones or tablets, as well as via the conventional means of laptop, accessing the chief sign-management operating platform, Web StudioTM.

Created in Australia by sister company Bartco Traffic Equipment Pty, BartcoLiveTM was developed in order to further improve the efficiency of the VMS ITS solutions for Apple and Android users provided by Bartco UK and MVIS.

In addition to message creation, BartcoLiveTM offers secure login, a searchable list of assets, details regarding the status of each as well as its location on the map and directions and a list and search facility for files.

Said Bartco Traffic Equipment Pty’s R&D project manager and chief developer of the app, Dolly Shah:  “Bartco’s international in-house R&D team is focused on developing ITS solutions to meet recognised customer need.  BartcoLiveTM enables our customers to control their VMS with increased flexibility and speed, allowing them to manage their ITS solutions with greater efficiency.”

Bartco UK’s and MVIS’ product range comprises Bartco mobile VMS, ROTTMS, Solar IP multi-use trailer platforms and sign management systems.  It also includes portable CCTV and radar.

ISO-registered in quality and environmental management, Bartco UK and MVIS are leading proponents of the promotion of educational partnerships and apprenticeships, with corporate social responsibility (CSR) an important element of their operation,

For further details and to download the app, please go to or

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