Navtech and Oxbotica start joint development of an integrated radar-based navigation and perception system

January 09 2020

ITS (UK) member Navtech, a global radar solution company, have announced their joint product development of a radar-based navigation and perception system to be launched in 2020 with Oxbotica, global leader in vehicle autonomy.

The product represents the latest advancement in radar-based technology and the partnership marks an important milestone in Oxbotica’s plans to take its software from development towards commercial deployment.

The multi-module localisation system (radar, vision and laser) allows customers to deploy autonomy in both on-road and off-road locations, whether in mines, ports or airports and whatever the weather conditions where standard GPS or lidar is not possible.

The Oxbotica and Navtech product will not be reliant on any external infrastructure and can operate on its own or be fused with other location services driven by GPS, lidar or laser vision as part of Oxbotica’s modular and integrated approach. 

Oxbotica has already successfully tested its proprietary algorithms in a variety of environments and conditions as part of its Localisation module development and wider full-stack autonomy solution. This will be twinned with Navtech’s expertise in bringing autonomy sensors to market around the world.

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