MCAV expands internationally

Conigital, Founders of the ITS (UK) partner organisation Midlands Connected and Automated Vehicle Cluster, (MCAV), have announced they are creating a series of regional, national and international clusters to further the development of the driverless industry under the ICAV banner. 

MCAV was successfully launched in June 2017 and has grown ever since. The most recent event in March 2018, featured high profile keynote speakers, James Palmer the Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and Andy Street, the Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority, where they both discussed and debated on how to bridge the CAV Corridors between Birmingham and Cambridge. With 130 delegates present, and standing room only at the seminars, the event attracted both national and international attention. 

MCAV’s founders Conigital say their original idea was to showcase the latest state-of-the-art cutting-edge technologies by collaborating with science parks and innovation hubs to help the development of transport-related industries in the Midlands.

Don Dhaliwal, Partner of Conigital says, “We are proud to say that our regional MCAV Cluster, which we started just under a year ago has been growing from strength to strength and attracted both national and international attention. As a result, we will be launching MCAV’s parent brand iCAV (International Connected Autonomous Vehicle) Cluster with partners and can’t wait to share even more exciting news and opportunities in this emerging space.”

The local clusters will offer membership that gives organisations a national and international voice and the opportunity to network with a “global ecosystem of partners”.

Please check out our new ICAV website:

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