Localyse announces AI success story during Google Cloud Summit

AT very moment that Google Cloud Summit takes place in Amsterdam – the biggest event that Google ever organised in The Netherlands – ITS (UK) member Localyse, Premier Partner of Google Maps, has announced its latest success story: Visma | Raet is using the Google Cloud Vision API (AI and machine learning products) to automatically check employment contracts. They expect substantial savings based on this.

“Visma | Raet is always on the lookout for effectiveness and efficiency with a focus on enhancing quality. We hate to see errors and do our utmost to avoid them. Google Cloud Vision API helps us to do that,” said Teuje Tap
Lean Navigator Continuous Improvement Robotics Visma | Raet

The challenge
Teuje Tap is responsible for what Visma | Raet calls ‘Robotics’, more accurately referred to as RPA or Robotic Process Automation. It is just one of the things that Visma | Raet uses to help with the ongoing improvement of its services. ‘RPA imitates human actions – on the screens used by people themselves.,’ explains Teuje. ‘Overnight, we can have the robot download reports or automate recruitment, as they both work to standard patterns.’ RPA does what people aren’t always that good at – repetitive tasks, over and over, at high speed and without making mistakes.
“It’s a bit like having an extremely reliable virtual colleague. And thanks to RPA, there’s more time for knowledge-based activities and exceptions. It gives our staff the opportunity to focus all of their attention on achieving added value for the client.”

When a client outsourced its HR administration including staff to Visma | Raet, there was a need for more efficiency to ensure a contract with just the right margin – a ‘healthy’ contract. So Teuje and his colleagues set about finding a robot-based solution so that the work could be performed as efficiently as possible.

Teuje Tap is even more enthusiastic about AutoML, “The greatest thing about this case was something we discovered later, thanks to Localyse. AutoML is a fantastic feature within Vision API. It allows us to verify whether or not a contract has been fully and correctly signed by all parties who need to put their signature to it. It’s an extremely powerful tool! AutoML allows us to automate to the max. Before, all of the signatures needed to be verified by a member of staff, but that’s all in the past now.”

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