Jenoptik speed camera system for “Prince Phillip” road

The ITS (UK) member Jenoptik are providing the speed camera system for a road in Norfolk on which the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a crash in January.

The accident happened on the A149 near The Queen’s home in Sandringham, near King’s Lynn.

The day after the local council agreed to a plan drawn up before the crash to cut the speed limit on the road.

Jenoptik’s average speed system uses automatic number plate recognition cameras to identify cars travelling quicker than the speed limit would allow between fixed points on the road.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green told the BBC, “I know this particular road extremely well, having travelled it over a number of years.

“I’ve long held the view, shared by many and supported by the figures around collisions, that action is needed to improve its safety.”

The BBC adds that in the last three years there have been three deaths on the stretch between King’s Lynn and Snettisham and 50 injuries.

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