ITS (UK) members gearing up for HumanDrive Grand Drive

A number of ITS (UK) members are part of a 30-month Autonomous Vehicle project which will soon complete the project’s primary aim – achieving the UK’s most complex journey with autonomous drive.

The HumanDrive project says that by the end of the year its vehicle will self-navigate a 230-mile journey over country roads, high speed roundabouts, A-Roads and motorways, all through live traffic.

In addition, they say, it will seek to take autonomous technology to the next level in terms of ride comfort and adaptability by adopting natural road positioning and a more human-like driving style.

To achieve this grand aim, the project has drawn upon the following member organisations:

  • University of Leeds is responsible for defining the user requirements and developing a driver risk model using trials data captured from their simulator and live trials
  • Atkins Ltd is ensuring that all cyber security precautions have been considered, including the publication of the Cyber Security Framework that provides assurance to the public that the security risks associated with CAV technology are being appropriately managed
  • Highways England is exploring the impact of CAVs on the transport system
  • Aimsun Ltd is supporting Highways England in the study of the impact on the transport system
  • HORIBA MIRA is providing test facilities and helping to ensure the safety of other road users, as well as passengers and safety driver
  • Connected Places Catapult is responsible for project management, dissemination and safety case elements of the project.

They are working with these other organisations to deliver the project; Nissan Technical Centre Europe (lead partner) is leading on the development and testing of the next generation autonomous vehicle that will soon complete the Grand Drive, Cranfield University is validating the technology through a digital model, and has supported the trials, demonstration and experimental validation, utilising its advanced Multi-User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation (MUEAVI) test track, Hitachi is developing an advanced machine-learning Artificial Intelligence to control the vehicles perception and decision making and SBD Automotive is supporting the cyber security aspects of the project.

Rav Babbra, Innovation Lead, Automotive Team, Innovate UK, said, “The UK is at the forefront of automotive innovation. The HumanDrive project is a fantastic example of the dynamic collaboration of businesses and universities supported by the Intelligent Mobility fund.”

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