ITS (UK) Forum urged to focus on the evidence that enforcement works

October 22 2018

The UK’s enforcement industry should make more of the clear benefits of using technology to influence driver behaviour, ITS (UK)’s Enforcement Forum has heard.

At a meeting at the offices of SNC-Lavalin’s business Atkins in London heard that media suggestions that drivers dislike speed cameras as “cash cows” is wide of the mark, with some surveys suggesting 80 per cent of motorists support the use of technology to make their roads safer.

A panel debate supported by sponsors Videalert heard that in Ireland much more is made of the lives saved by speed cameras, and that schemes in Scotland there have been statistically proven safety improvements on the A9 and A90 since the introduction of average speed enforcement using automatic number plate recognition.

The value on the environment and congestion reduction was focussed upon too, and the Forum also heard that there are more complaints from people when a decision is made not to place enforcement technology in a location than complaints when cameras are introduced.

The Forum also heard a series of examples of how ANPR cameras have been used in a wide range of criminal investigations and how dashcam footage is being used to catch dangerous drivers in an initiative across Wales.

Forum Chair Geoff Collins of Jenoptik said, “We are reaching a turning point, with the public increasingly accepting that appropriately used technology provides real, tangible benefits for all.  It is clear that technology has a proven place in delivering safer, greener and more reliable roads for everyone who travels.”

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