ITS Australia welcomes its government’s announcement of Office of Future Transport Technologies

ITS Australia has welcomed the establishment of a new Office for Future Transport Technologies, announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack.

In the announcement, Mr McCormack said the new Office would enhance the Federal Government’s strategic leadership role, to coordinate more cohesively with other governments and agencies to implement future transport technologies in Australia more successfully and responsibly.

He said the development and uptake of automated vehicle technologies and associated applications would also be managed with a continued focus on improving transport and road safety outcomes. This includes automated and connected vehicle technologies which will make our roads safer. The initiative will also help Australian businesses to take advantage of new opportunities and create a supportive environment for innovation in the rapidly expanding transport and mobility industry.

Susan Harris, CEO ITS Australia said, “Australia stands to benefit from the introduction of new transport technologies in many ways. The ITS industry is continually working to deliver safer transport systems, reduce congestion and increase transport options.

“By engaging with the Office for Future Transport Technologies, ITS Australia and the Australian ITS Industry can continue to shape future transport in Australia by working with the Government to identify projects and products that will improve safety, productivity, accessibility and liveability for Australians in both urban and regional areas – the very aspects the Government wishes to address.”

With the Australian future transport and mobility industry expected generate more than $16 billion in revenue by 2025, there is plenty of opportunity for the Australian ITS industry to lead to the development of automated vehicles and other new technologies that have been described as road safety “game-changers”.

Dean Zabrieszach, President ITS Australia said that “the Australian ITS Industry welcomes the Government decision to establish this Office.

“The industry has been working within guidelines for autonomous and connected vehicles, but the development of nationally consistent regulations that fit with emerging United Nations regulatory developments, including those relating to privacy and data use, will help guide the industry to standards and outcomes that benefit everyone. “This new Office also provides an ideal structure to support international collaboration on future vehicle technology such as the recent MOU between the Australian Government and the US State of Michigan, in collaboration with ITS Australia that will facilitate future opportunities”.

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