INRIX Expands AV Platform for Cities to Manage Roadways, Curbs and Sidewalks

For hundreds of years, cities have been responsible for providing, maintaining and managing a safe and dependable transportation system. Personal vehicles and public transit have long been the most popular, but recent mobility innovations have challenged cities to fulfil their traditional transportation roles.“Today’s cities are facing an identity crisis – they are working with 20th-century transportation tools but are facing 21st-century challenges,” said Avery Ash, Head of Autonomous Mobility, at ITS (UK) member INRIX. “By providing a framework to bridge the data gap between cities, road users and mobility providers – including automated driving systems – INRIX helps cities remain in the driver’s seat for managing transportation.”

INRIX Road Rules is the first complete solution for cities and road authorities to easily digitize, manage and communicate local rules on the roadway, at the curb and on the sidewalk. The platform has been extended beyond a digital roadway rulebook for only automated driving systems (ADS) to include support for guidelines that enable other mobility options such as loading zones and parking restrictions for transportation network companies (TNCs), dockless bike/scooter zones, and city infrastructure like fire hydrants and EV charging stations.

“We are excited to collaborate with INRIX to continue our focus on establishing Miami-Dade County as a leader in 21st-century transportation innovation. Road Rules lays the foundation for open communication and managing real-world transportation challenges including effective deployment of automated driving systems on public roads,” said Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami-Dade County. “It is also an important step as we explore how our city shares and learns from mobility data across all modes.”

Road Rules helps cities address the evolving mobility issues of today and tomorrow:
· Unified Solution: Only transportation tool to help cities digitally manage their data in one place – essential rules on the roadway, at the curb and on the sidewalk
· Easy to Use: A simplified design, revamped user experience and clear work-flows makes its easy for road authorities to digitize and manage transportation rules
· Bridges the Data Gap: Open platform to share critical information with ADS and other roadway users, encouraging innovation and safe, efficient mobility deployment
· Open & Standardized Data: Leverages the National Association of City Transportation Official’s SharedStreets project to deliver truly open and interoperable data

“Detroit is committed to staying at the forefront of advanced transportation technology testing and development, so we’re excited to partner with INRIX on this project that focuses on ensuring automated vehicles can safely navigate our streets,” said Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit.

Since the Road Rules pilot launch in 2018, 11 cities and road authorities have signed on to implement INRIX Road Rules and are digitizing their infrastructure and restrictions this year, with more added every month. The set of users includes cities and road authorities with a variety of sizes, climates and geographies: Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Calgary, Canada; Cambridge MA; Detroit, MI; Portland, ME; Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada which includes Las Vegas; Miami, FL; Transport for West Midlands, Transport Scotland in the UK and Turin, Italy.

Additionally, four AV operators have agreed to consume the rules of the road authored by the cities. Automakers and operators slated to use data from the platform where available include: Jaguar Land Rover, May Mobility, nuTonomy (an Aptiv company) and operators running Renovo’s Aware platform.

The RTC of Southern Nevada recently became the first road authority in the world to complete digitization of its local traffic rules and restrictions in two busy areas for ADS testing and deployment. RTC General Manager Tina Quigley added: “Southern Nevada is committed to staying at the forefront of advanced transportation technology testing and development, so we’re excited to partner with INRIX on this groundbreaking project that focuses on ensuring autonomous vehicles can safely navigate our streets.”

For more than a decade INRIX has played a critical role in connecting cities with cars. Now, INRIX Road Rules is helping cities connect with the transportation options of the future. To learn more, register the webinar “INRIX Road Rules: How Cities and Road Authorities Can Create a Digital Rulebook” on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 8am PT / 1pm ET. Road authorities and cities can sign-up here to join the growing list of supporting partners.

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