Highways England want your feedback

Highways England is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England’s major roads.  It is undertaking a survey to improve understanding of how they are perceived by their stakeholders, and how they can enhance their communications.

Many organisations rely on motorways and major A roads, and the information that Highways England provides. For example organisations that:

  • use the roads for their daily operation, e.g. hauliers and logistics
  • support Highways England, e.g. highways maintenance and sub-contractors
  • are affected in any way by the presence of motorways and major A roads, e.g. parish councils and community groups
  • need reliable information about traffic conditions, e.g. arenas and tourist attractions

The survey is a follow on from work undertaken in 2016-17. The outcomes of this initial survey were used to help Highways England enhance their approach to stakeholder engagement and communications. The results were presented at the supply chain conference and were used in regional workshops, with project teams, to discuss how best to implement stakeholder recommendations.

The current survey, which will be repeated until 2020, is an important means of gathering further insight from those that are impacted by or rely on Highways England’s work.

Please click here for more information and to sign up to take part in the online survey.

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