Hear ITS (UK) Summit driverless debate in full

November 29 2018

The longest ever Talking Transport Podcast is online now, bringing you the debate on the pros and cons of driverless cars investment that took place at the ITS (UK) Summit in Bristol, an event sponsored by Kier, Cubic, WSP and SNC Lavalin business Atkins.

The event had what’s called an Oxford-style debate, discussing a proposition with supporters and opponents:

“This House believes that driverless vehicles are the biggest opportunity for a step change in mobility and therefore it is right that resources and investment are channelled towards them.”

Our debaters were Giles Perkins, the Technical Director of Future mobility at WSP and Professor Tony Pipe who’s deputy director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory at the West of England who supported the motion, while opposing the motion were Christian Wolmar, the author of “Driverless Cars on the road to nowhere” and Steve Gooding, Director of the RAC Foundation.  The debate was chaired by Andy Graham, owner of White Willow Consulting.

Before the debate started there was a vote on the audience when 56% supported the motion and 44% opposed. But after the panellists had given their speeches and debated, would supporting the motion win at the end?

Find out by listening!



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