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Initial and ongoing education and training in ITS is very important, both to ensure we have a continuous stream of well prepared young people entering the ITS sector, and to keep up the learning process for existing professionals.  This page offers an updated selection of information about free courses and other learning opportunities.

If you are a provider of courses, webinars and other learning and training opportunities, please get in touch to have your offer listed here.  This service is free to Members and a small charge is payable by others.

Many ITS (UK) Members are willing to give lectures, suggestions for MSc topics, and other help to students and universities.  Lists of these can be found on the Members Homepage of this site.  If you are not an ITS (UK) Member, email us to find out more about guest lecturers and other assistance our Members can give to students and universities.

Calling all Students and Apprentices – the 2020 Student and Apprentice Essay Award is open until 9 November for everybody who has been an apprentice, an undergraduate or a masters student any time during 2020.  See here

New for Spring 2020 – SPECIAL OFFER FOR MEMBERS!

ITS (UK) Member JCT is a leading provider of training in the Traffic Signals sector and has provided high quality training courses to thousands of Engineers over the past 25 years. All courses are managed under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and are Approved by the Institute of Highway Engineers. Fellow ITS (UK) members qualify for a 10% discount on training. To claim your discount simply ask for it at the time of booking. The discount does not apply to “bundles” which are already heavily discounted but it can be used on any public training courses including our latest online courses. For details of the courses we run and the training schedule please take a look here  or visit or email

JCT are also always happy to quote for in house training.

Student Membership

All undergraduate and postgraduate Students are welcome to join ITS (UK) as Student Members.
This is free to those who study at Universities which are Members of ITS (UK) – Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle, Derby, Coventry, Warwick and Imperial College.
An admin fee of £10 + VAT is payable by others.
Download information sheet and application form – Student Membership Flyer – 2020/2021

Webinars and Courses 2020

Free Webinars by ITS United Kingdom

27 October 2020:  our Inclusive Mobility Forum will discuss how to make the use of smart phones for travel planning more inclusive.  Book your place here

Watch again:

All our Coronavirus series of webinars April – July can be found on our YouTube Channel

5 October 2020:  our Early Careers Forum hosted a delegation from the Universita Politechnica of Bucharest who showcased their MOTUM urban mobility solution.  You can watch the MOTUM presentation and the discussion here

16 September 2020:  our User Behaviour Forum presented their fourth webinar of the year with Dr Kirsten Revell and Dr Katie Parnell, both from the University of Southampton.  The topics were distracted driving and the gender data gap in user behaviour data.  You can watch a recording here

12 August 2020:  our Early Careers Forum held a Soft Skills / Networking online briefing which you can watch again here

11 August 2020:  Our Executive Members Cubic hosted our second breakfast webinar 9.00 – 10.00 Data Driven Cities that Optimize the Transport Network  A recording can be viewed here.

31 July 2020:  We held a virtual version of our annual Introduction to Standards seminar.  Hear from BSI, the UK’s most senior ITS Standards representative, and a British ITS expert serving in Standards working groups.  You will gain a full understanding of how ITS standardisation works, and maybe be tempted to contribute to the UK’s input.  A recording can be accessed here.

Free Webinars from around the world  

21 October:  at 11.00 CET, Governance and Decision-Making Webinar: ‘Power dynamics affecting how climate targets are interpreted and implemented in real-world planning situations’ by Professor Karolina Isaksson.  At this seminar, a presentation will be given based on ongoing research into the power dynamics affecting the integration of climate policy goals in Swedish national transport planning. Discursive power and governmentality are used as theoretical frameworks to identify and discuss the power dynamics influencing how climate policy goals are framed and integrated in this planning context. Preliminary results from our work indicate the importance of problem definitions, ideas/visions and knowledge perspectives, and the role these have on the capacity for transport planning to transform from a conventional to a sustainable development path.  The presentation builds on ongoing research in a project carried out by a team of researchers from the Swedish national road and transport research institute (VTI) and Malmö University, and funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket).  More Information: Please register here

22 October 2020:  Our Executive Members the Connected Places Catapult invite you to the first in their series Challenge Procurement Series: Innovation procurement to solve global challenges at 14:30 – 15:30 BST
Governments around the world are recognising the importance and power of public procurement to address global challenges, connecting the needs of place with innovative suppliers. What innovation procurement approaches have demonstrated impact? What policies and skills will boost innovation? How can places embed these practices within their procurement approaches?  Book your place here

22 October 2020:  The UK Open Data Institute invites you to a webinar which will walk you through what data leadership looks like. It will help you define practical actions to address data ethics, data skills and data ecosystems across your business.  You will also get a preview of the ODI’s new Data Leaders’ Checklist. The checklist provides guidance for how you should be tackling data, as a leader in your business.  The webinar takes place at 14.00 and you can BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE.

25 November 2020:  DATEX II replaces the 6th annual forum with online events, and the first one in a series of webinars will ta ke place on this day.  More details are to follow, keep checking here

Watch again

October 2020:  Jennie Martin of ITS (UK) was invited by our Executive Members Jacobs and Atos to moderate a high level panel discussion this week, on a theme of The future of transport: challenges and opportunities in these disruptive and uncertain times.  The panellists represented fellow Executive Members TRL, Highways England, and TfL, alongside Network Rail.  The conversation was very well informed, and surprisingly optimistic.  You can watch it again here  – a recording is available here

September 2020: the Mobility Roundtable:  The recording of the September 17th Roundtable “Mobility and the Road to Automated Vehicles: a new highway or a dead end?” is now available here  The panellists were:  Dr Tyron Louw of ITS (UK) Members the University of Leeds, Dr Louise Dennis of Manchester University, and Prof Glenn Lyons of the University of the West of England

September 2020:  on demand webinar by our colleagues at Intelligent Transport featuring our Members HERE:  On-demand: Reshaping the way we plan and move: Making urban mobility more accessible and sustainable, together.    HERE invited speakers from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and VMZ to discuss current challenges from a public transport operator’s and city planner’s perspective, and how location technology can play a vital role in shaping future-proof transport services. Watch it here.

September 2020:  on demand webinar from our Members Siemens Massive verification and validation of ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles – you can listen to it here 


Newcastle University always run a variety of short courses in ITS-related topics. You can see the current menu of courses here.  For enquiries about these courses, please get in contact with the Professional Development Unit either by telephone 0191 208 5456 or email

The EU-funded CAPITAL ITS training programme offer free online training modules consisting of online lectures plus in-depth written course modules.  The topic areas covered are:

  • Introduction to ITS and C-ITS
  • ITS and C-ITS User Services
  • TMC and Roadside Technologies for C-ITS
  • Standards, Architecture and Communications Technologies for ITS
  • Impact Assessment of ITS and C-ITS
  • Financial Incentives and Business and Procurement Models for Implementation of C-ITS
  • Cost-benefit Analysis of ITS services
  • Guidance in Deploying ITS and C-ITS
  • Information Security, Data Protection and Privacy
  • SPICE:  Public Procurement of Innovation in Transport

You can find all the CAPITAL modules here 

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