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Initial and ongoing education and training in ITS is very important, both to ensure we have a continuous stream of well prepared young people entering the ITS sector, and to keep up the learning process for existing professionals.  This page offers an updated selection of information about free courses and other learning opportunities.

If you are a provider of courses, webinars and other learning and training opportunities, please get in touch to have your offer listed here.  This service is free to Members and a small charge is payable by others.

Many ITS (UK) Members are willing to give lectures, suggestions for MSc topics, and other help to students and universities.  Lists of these can be found on the Members Homepage of this site.  If you are not an ITS (UK) Member, email us to find out more about guest lecturers and other assistance our Members can give to students and universities.

Calling all Students and Apprentices – the 2020 Student and Apprentice Essay Award is open until 9 November for everybody who has been an apprentice, an undergraduate or a masters student any time during 2020.  See here

New for Spring 2020 – SPECIAL OFFER FOR MEMBERS!

ITS (UK) Member JCT is a leading provider of training in the Traffic Signals sector and has provided high quality training courses to thousands of Engineers over the past 25 years. All courses are managed under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and are Approved by the Institute of Highway Engineers. Fellow ITS (UK) members qualify for a 10% discount on training. To claim your discount simply ask for it at the time of booking. The discount does not apply to “bundles” which are already heavily discounted but it can be used on any public training courses including our latest online courses. For details of the courses we run and the training schedule please take a look here  or visit or email

JCT are also always happy to quote for in house training.

Student Membership

All undergraduate and postgraduate Students are welcome to join ITS (UK) as Student Members.
This is free to those who study at Universities which are Members of ITS (UK) – Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle, Derby, Coventry, Warwick and Imperial College.
By special agreement, PhD students at the Swedish ITS Research School (Forskarskolan) and students recommended by Austriatech are also entitled to free student membership. An admin fee of £10 is payable by others.
Download information sheet and application form – Student Membership Flyer – 2019-2020

Webinars and Courses 2020

Free Webinars by ITS United Kingdom

16 September 2020:  our User Behaviour Forum presents their fourth webinar of the year with Dr Kirsten Revell and Dr Katie Parnell, both from the University of Southampton.  The topics are distracted driving and the gender data gap in user behaviour data.  Book your place here

27 August 2020:  our Inclusive Mobility Forum holds a webinar 10.00 – 11.30 on the theme of The role of ITS/transport technology in supporting people with disabilities during the COVID19 period and lessons to be learnt  Book your place here

11 August 2020:  Our Executive Members Cubic host our second breakfast webinar 9.00 – 10.00 Data Driven Cities that Optimize the Transport Network 

  • David Powell, Head of ITS, Cubic
  • Ronnie Beggs, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cubic
  • Nathan Watt, Senior Consultant, Atkins

Join this breakfast webinar to learn how data can unlock your cities full potential, through examples of data driven technology used in countries, to reduce bus bunching, provide signal prioritization for public transport and emergency services, and provide real time decision making for multi modal planning. Atkins will share recent analysis and insights on transport network usage using mobile phone data during COVID-19. You’ll also learn about the challenges of integrating data and be provided use cases on how information derived can help to support technology implementation of city policy on pollution, health and travel option, through the use of incentivization and nudging.  Book your place here

Watch again:

31 July 2020:  We held a virtual version of our annual Introduction to Standards seminar.  Hear from BSI, the UK’s most senior ITS Standards representative, and a British ITS expert serving in Standards working groups.  You will gain a full understanding of how ITS standardisation works, and maybe be tempted to contribute to the UK’s input.  A recording will be posted here very soon.

16 July 2020:  our User Behaviour Forum presented its third webinar of the year at 14.00 featuring Ellie Wooldridge, Connected Places Catapult and  Tyron Louw, University of Leeds.  You can watch the recording here

8 July 2020:   Our Executive Members, WSP hosted our first Breakfast Meeting via a webinar session.  This webinar replaced our earlier postponed meeting which was due to take place on March 26 in Cardiff.  Watch the webinar on our YouTube Channel here

  • Smart Cities and Connected Public Services – Lara Jiad  An introduction to smart cities and how connected public services can increase operational efficiency and improve government services.
  • The Mechanics of Trialling Connected Vehicle Services – Alistair Clews  A practical walk through the trial lifecycle and some of the lessons we’ve learned doing it.
  • Connected Roads – ‘Addressing constraints and building on opportunities’ – David Bradbrook  Examining constraints and opportunities to be addressed and built upon to create connected roads to deliver day-one connected vehicle services

30 June 2020:  our Connected Vehicles Forum invited you to a webinar at 16.00  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About eCall But Were Afraid to Ask with Danny Woolard (Chiltech), Andy Rooke (Shadow Focus) and Steve Gooding (RAC Foundation).  Recording available here.

23 June 2020:  Our Women in ITS Forum marked International Women in Engineering Day by holding a webinar at 15.00 UK time with international content and some thoughts about working during the pandemic as well as ITS in general.  You can watch the recording here

16 June 2020:  our ITS (UK) Enforcement Forum webinar explored some of the current speeding issues that are taking hold on our roads as a result of the pandemic and what role enforcement can play within this. The quieter roads have tempted some to take advantage of the conditions and as a result many areas have seen speed limits being exceeded.  David Davies (PACTS) and Neil Greig (IAM) provided their insights and take on these ongoing challenges and exploring whether enforcement could play a critical role.  You can watch the webinar here.

11 June 2020:  another in our series of topic-based webinars – Using Architecture in ITS – An Introduction.  Architecture experts Peter Jesty, Richard Bossom and Alexander Froetscher explain the concept of architecture in ITS, using the European architecture FRAME as their example, and also share their experiences of using an architecture “in real life”.  The webinar is available to watch again here.

10 June 2020:  our User Behaviour Forum heard from Foroogh Hajiseyedjavadi and Evangelos Paschalidis, both from the University of Leeds, who gave us an insight into user requirements in the design of human like autonomous vehicle controllers.   You can watch the webinar here

29 May 2020:  The ITS (UK) Young Professionals Forum held another webinar at 14.30.  Speakers provided a variety of views on the impact that COVID-19 has had and may have on the transport industry.    You can catch up with the webinar here

28 May 2020:  at 14.00 our Road User Charging Forum offered you a webinar with talks about the Dartford Crossing, the latest on LEZs and CAZs, and an update on the Australian HGV charging project.  You can watch the event here

20 May 2020:  our webinar Impact Assessment in C-ITS with Gary Crockford of DfT and Jonathan Mann of Capita, with reference to the INTERCOR project and other impact assessment examples.  Watch it again here 

Our series of The Impact of COVID-19 webinars are all available to watch again, and here is the list:

9 June 2020:  our Communications Manager Paul Hutton in conversation with Professor Margaret Bell of Newcastle University.  Margaret is the Founding Chair of the ITS (UK) Smart Environment Forum and an internationally renowned expert on using ITS to mitigate environmental impacts of transport.  Watch the conversation here

26 May 2020:   Paul Hutton invites a panel of younger ITS professionals to give their take on the situation and what the future may hold.  Great input from James Bullen of SNC Lavalin Atkins, who chairs the ITS (UK) Young Professionals Forum, Abigail Oakley of PA Consulting who is Young Professionals Director on the ITS (UK) Council, and Ashik Nazar of Arup the Vice Chair of the YP Forum.  Watch the recording here

16 May 2020:   a Local Authority focus:  hear from Essex County Council, Oxfordshire County Council and York City Council what their experience is to date, and their aspirations and concerns for the future.  Catch the discussion here

5 May 2020:  the ITS (UK) leadership team Chair Ryan Hood of TRL, Vice Chair Karla Jakeman of Innovate UK and Secretary General Jennie Martin talk about keeping ITS (UK) useful and relevant during the lockdown, and how to spot the ITS opportunities as they arise when we enter a new era of transport among other things.  Watch and listen here 

21 April 2020:  an international perspective.  Maarja Rannama of ITS Estonia, Scott Belcher an ITS expert and former ITS America CEO, and Mohammed Serroukh of Kapsch in Saudi Arabia and ITS Arab give the view from their countries and talk about similarities and differences.  You can catch up with this instalment here

14 April 2020:  with Sharon Kindleysides, former Chair of ITS (UK), Neil Herron of GridSmart, and Geoff Collins of Jenoptik.  With expertise in inclusive mobility, kerbspace management, tolling, traffic management, enforcement and camera technology, their collected insights are definitely worth a listen.  You can do so here 

7 April 2020:  Krishna Desai of Cubic (Communications Director of ITS (UK) ), John Nightingale of JCT Consultancy, and Peter Eccleson of Smart Video Sensing. Watch it here

30 March 2020:  Steve George of SGTI, Gavin Jackman of Aimsun, and Nick Illsley, the architect of DfT’s Transport Direct.   Watch and listen here

Free Webinars from around the world  

22 September 2020:  Inclusive mobility for an inclusive society: new approaches and solutions  The INCLUSION and HiReach projects team up and invite you to their final virtual conference.  Join the discussion and learn more about Tools, Methods, and Approaches to design a more inclusive mobility system for all, and in particular, for vulnerable-to-exclusion people living in urban, peri-urban, rural and remote areas.  Find out more and book your place here

12 August 2020:  Our Executive Members Cubic present On The Road to Resilience – Keep Your City Moving at 20.00 UK time.  In these unprecedented times, it is paramount that cities are resilient and can adapt their infrastructure to accommodate changes in traveler behavior. Many people are now opting for cars, bicycles, or walking instead of using publicly available options, causing an increase in road usage and impacting vulnerable road users, congestion, and air pollution.  Join the webinar to hear about creating resilient cities – book your place here

6 August 2020:  Darren Capes, ITS Policy Lead at ITS (UK) Executive Members DfT, is a panellist in the Landor Links webinar Data Discoverability at 10.30.  Find the full programme and book here

5 August 2020:  at 19.00 UK time, our colleagues in ITS America offer  Protecting the Non-Connected – Making Cities Safer with V2X.  This event provides an overview of the different types of solutions, enabled by V2X, that cities can use to provide increased safety for typically non-connected participants of traffic: pedestrians, bikers, etc. There is also a sneak peek into an ongoing research project that aims to leverage smartphones to protect vulnerable road users in intersections.  Find out more and book here

3 August 2020:  our media friends at Landor Links present Active travel schemes: rapid analysis, insight, delivery and promotion at 14.30.  Find out more and book here

Watch again

22 July 2020:  our media colleagues at Intelligent Transport magazine joined with our Executive Members Cubic to present Trust in transport: improving the traveller experience with real-time planning and incentives.  You can catch up with it here  

7 July 2020:  Our colleagues in ITS Australia presented Data Guidelines, Frameworks, Protocols and Standards for Sharing which you can watch again here.


Newcastle University always run a variety of short courses in ITS-related topics. You can see the current menu of courses here.  For enquiries about these courses, please get in contact with the Professional Development Unit either by telephone 0191 208 5456 or email

The EU-funded CAPITAL ITS training programme offer free online training modules consisting of online lectures plus in-depth written course modules.  The topic areas covered are:

  • Introduction to ITS and C-ITS
  • ITS and C-ITS User Services
  • TMC and Roadside Technologies for C-ITS
  • Standards, Architecture and Communications Technologies for ITS
  • Impact Assessment of ITS and C-ITS
  • Financial Incentives and Business and Procurement Models for Implementation of C-ITS
  • Cost-benefit Analysis of ITS services
  • Guidance in Deploying ITS and C-ITS
  • Information Security, Data Protection and Privacy
  • SPICE:  Public Procurement of Innovation in Transport

You can find all the CAPITAL modules here 

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