CV Forum Chair welcomes Toyota’s connected vehicle road maintenance support

The Chair of ITS (UK)’s Connected Vehicle Forum, Andy Graham, says that a new initiative by Toyota to use connected vehicle data to support road maintenance inspection is “very interesting on two counts”.

Toyota in Japan is developing a sustainable low-cost system for road maintenance to provide a case study for small- and medium-sized local governments. The study attempts combine connected car data and image data from vehicle video cameras. This combination enables local government to shorten lead time to uncovering dangerous road infrastructure issues.

This will be much more efficient than the current system which identifies road maintenance needs based on observations from patrols by employees.

Graham, who is the owner of White Willow Consulting, has long championed this connected approach to identifying maintenance issues.  He says, “Firstly, its clear that Japan faces many of the same challenges we have in the UK with asset maintenance, and moving from a periodic based approach to a more proactive data driven one is part  of the solution  globally. Secondly, that we in the UK we are already ahead of Japan, because in DfT funded projects we use connected car data  and video to find damaged roadsigns, white lines, mud on the road and identify and classify potholes. These offer the potential for substantial cash savings for UK authorities”

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