Cubic, UK Minister for Investment and US Representative Celebrate Successful Partnership

Cubic Corporation has announced that executives from its subsidiary, the ITS (UK) member Cubic Transportation Systems will be meeting with US Representative Scott Peters (D-CA) and U.K. Minister for Investment Graham Stuart to celebrate and further enhance collaboration and economic growth for San Diego and UK.

“It has been a whirlwind year for Cubic with significant wins in New York, Boston, Brisbane, Sydney and most recently the San Francisco Bay Area – all direct results of the San Diego and U.K. cooperation,” said Matt Cole, president of CTS. “Through our groundbreaking partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Cubic is able to adapt the technology of London’s contactless ticketing system to other metropolitan cities worldwide. We hope to bring these innovations to our San Diego hometown.”

Since the TfL technology partnership agreement in 2016, Cubic has been awarded major contracts to deliver next-generation fare payment systems for Miami, New York, Boston, Brisbane and the Bay Area. In addition, Cubic also won a contract to provide Sydney with the world’s most advanced transport management system based on Cubic’s Transport Management Platform which was developed in the U.K.

“Last year, we announced a contract extension between Cubic and TfL during a trade mission to the U.K. I led with the World Trade Center in San Diego – solidifying our partnership in the Smart Cities revolution. Since then, Cubic secured new contracts in metro areas across the U.S. and internationally, creating jobs and strengthening both our regional economies,” said Congressman Peters. “Our collaboration will continue to foster innovation and I can’t wait to see what this partnership creates next.”

The New York, Boston, Brisbane, Sydney and Bay Area contracts total over $2 billion of work for Cubic and will create jobs in Cubic’s Stockton-on-Tees and London offices in the U.K. as well San Diego. In addition, Cubic is working with the City of San Diego to upgrade its San Diego headquarter facilities with a new campus to accommodate the company’s growth. This facility upgrade project is anticipated for completion in 2021.

“Cubic is a prime example of how U.K. and U.S. partnerships lead to job growth and innovation in both countries. Through U.K.-created tech, Cubic has created approximately 150 new jobs right here in San Diego as well as a further 250 at home in the U.K,” said Minister Stuart. “Ticketless payment technology from Cubic is helping travelers in the world’s greatest cities move more quickly and smoothly and my international economic department will continue to support transatlantic business collaboration like this to deliver local jobs and global benefits.”

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