BARTCO R&D Integration “promotes innovation worldwide”

Closer integration of the research and development operations of two intelligent transport system (ITS) firms will promote slicker product innovation for the benefit of traffic management organisations worldwide.

UK VMS manufacturer and creator of integrated ITS solutions, Bartco UK, is evolving its partnership with its Australian sister company, Bartco Traffic Equipment PTY, thanks to a significant development of the role of its former technical manager, Matt Felce.

Felce has become Bartco UK’s ITS development manager, with responsibility for product development, testing and legislative compliance. He will work closely with Bartco Traffic Equipment PTY’s head of R&D, David Chamberlain, in the implementation of the firms’ joint global product development strategy.

Said Felce: “The closer integration of our R&D operations will enable us to efficiently share ideas and learn from one-another’s experience, promoting innovation and benefitting our customers worldwide.”

Added Chamberlain: “The UK and Australian companies are both thriving and it’s a natural progression to further integrate our R&D operations for the benefit of the customer.”

The product range offered by Bartco UK comprises Bartco VMS, ROTTMS, multi-use trailer platforms and sign management systems; it also includes CCTV and radar. The company is ISO-registered in quality and environmental management. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important element of the firm’s operation, and Bartco UK is a leading proponent of the promotion of educational partnerships and apprenticeships.

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