Atos releases the currency of cyber trust report research

ITS (UK) member Atos has released a report about how the availability of open data is revolutionising the transport industry.

It says exchanging high volumes of real-time information between operators, travellers and third parties can, increasingly, deliver better customer experiences.

Given that transport is a national critical infrastructure, any loss of service – especially from a cyber-attack – has serious implications for travellers, transport organisations and the nation’s productivity.

It’s clear that a robust approach to cyber security has never been more important.

Atos says it surveyed 3,000 UK citizens to gauge how and why attitudes to cyber security are evolving and what this means for the UK transport industry.

People are becoming more aware of the importance of cyber security through high profile attacks with 63% saying these have made them more aware of cyber security as an issue that can affect their lives.

The reputational risks for transport providers are also very apparent, only 13% of respondents say their trust in organisations has increased in the last 2 years, with 38% saying they do not trust organisations to store their data. 32% of people believe transport services to be at high risk of attack and 58% of people say cyber security is a deciding factor when choosing organisations to interact with. This erosion of trust can therefore start to erode the bottom line. The result of an attack can be even more catastrophic with only 1 in 4 saying they would deal with an organisation again if they fell victim of a cyber-attack.

The bottom line is that cyber security matters. Effective cyber security – together with customer communication and transparency – will help to strengthen wider trust in transport and help forward-thinking companies to realise their digital ambitions.

To see more insights like these, take a look at ‘The currency Of Cyber Trust Report’:

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