Atkins, Jacobs and White Willow in new CV data project

February 10 2020

ITS (UK) Members Atkins, Jacobs and White Willow have been awarded a new project from members DfT for a Connected Vehicle Data Strategy.

This short study will:

  • Quantify the benefits that could be achieved by a wider use of connected vehicle data for planning, smarter asset management, parking and traffic management
  • Identify the blockers which are currently holding back deployment at scale.
  • Identify what needs to happen in order for the blockers to be removed and what actions DfT and others need to take and what investment this will require

The project focusses on near term benefits and actions, and on the data itself rather than the technology of communications.

Members with a specific view on the above can contact our ITS (UK) Connected Vehicle Forum chair Andy Graham at .

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