AppyWay and Safo partner to alleviate the pain of parking for fleet drivers and managers

Intelligent mobility pioneers, ITS (UK) members AppyWay and end-to-end fleet management firm Safo have announced a new partnership to bring accurate kerbside data and better parking experiences to fleets.

Fleets face daily parking challenges from navigating to a space to interpreting the local traffic regulations for that bay, all the while managing a hectic schedule against a congested road network. By embracing these challenges and helping drivers interpret parking easily, both companies believe they can improve driver wellbeing and reduce emissions from unnecessary driving in the search for suitable parking. 

Safo Group, together with its European subsidiaries, is the chosen partner of many national and international companies. The company develops bespoke fleet management software, providing services to a portfolio ranging from top rental and lease players, car sharing, and large private and corporate international fleet companies. The reseller agreement will enable the two companies to bring a vastly improved parking experience to Safo’s combined fleet of over 1,000,000 vehicles across the UK. Thousands of drivers could benefit from kerbside restriction information for over 300 UK towns and cities. Drivers using Safo’s technology will have the option to gain full visibility on; length of bay, bay count, paid bays, disabled bays, EV bays, motorcycle bays, free bays, loading bays, resident bays, and car club bays, all with up to 1m accuracy. 

The partnership provides Safo’s end clients with a greater suite of driver services to integrate within a bespoke solution. Working in partnership, both Safo and AppyWay have plans to innovate the portfolio further, ensuring drivers are catered for in new mobility technology and fleet managers can better manage the burden of bad parking. 

AppyWay’s CEO & Founder, Dan Hubert says “By partnering with Safo we can bring our vision of making parking forgettable to fleets and fleet managers. Along with the implications to business operations through PCNs and impoundments, searching for parking clogs up city streets resulting in greater congestion and emissions, and parking illegally creates safety and accessibility concerns for vulnerable road users. Ensuring a vehicle is parked correctly benefits both the fleet and the communities they operate in.”

Jane Taylor, Sales & Marketing Manager, Safo adds “In our constant drive for customer satisfaction, innovation and digitisation, we are pleased to work with AppyWay using their data to surprise and delight fleet drivers across the UK. We firmly believe that through a better parking experience we not only improve driver wellbeing but also help reduce carbon emissions. This is the first step to achieving that with AppyWay through the integration of our Customer Mobile APP”

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