A message from Gary Umpleby, Hogia, to our Public Transport Interest Group

June 12 2018

Dear PTIG Member,

It has been a privilege to serve you as Chairman of the Interest Group these past 8-years.

In that time we have held many interesting and informative meetings with lively discussion and debate, and providing the opportunity to share ideas and thinking in this segment of ITS, and its interaction with other segments.

It is true to say that the last 18-months has been challenging for the Interest Group with ITS UK Members’ desires to review the structure Interest Groups and with the disruptive nature of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), with both of which the PTIG has pro-actively engaged. I think it is fair to say the Interest Group has nevertheless shown itself to remain a valuable forum for discussion and the exchange of knowledge across a broad range of ITS issues relating to public transport and its interaction with other transport sectors.

The Bus Services Act and the supporting secondary legislation shortly to be in consultation, the development of MaaS, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, 5G communications, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, all set the stage for an interesting future with the challenge to Public Transport to grasp and deliver the potential these technology developments offer.

So this is a good time for me to hand-over the helm to Daniel Hobbs of AECOM who as Chairman I know, with his considerable experience, drive, and enthusiasm, will drive the Interest Group forward, ably supported by Mike Burden of Burden Consulting in his role as Honorary Secretary … leaving me to ‘jump ship’ and take-up the Chairman role of the Maritime Interest Group.

May I thank Daniel for his tireless help and support in the last 8-years as Honorary Secretary to the PTIG, for which I have been very grateful, and to the ITS UK Team for their patience and unending support in arranging and making a success of the many meetings we have held and enjoyed. And finally, thank you to all of you, the Members of the PTIG, for the lively debates, the willingness to exchange knowledge and thinking, and for your support to me over the last 8-years.

Thank you.

With my best regards,


Gary Umpleby
BSc(Hons) CEng MIET


Hogia Transport Systems Limited

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