25 Years of Nexus Alpha: From a Bedsit to a Market Leader

Nexus Alpha, a leading provider of transport information systems, is celebrating 25 years in business. Founded by Patrick McDougall, the business grew out of a project at BBC Travel and is now defining the future of how information is used across transport networks.

The first software, coded on an Acorn Archimedes computer, sent information from police control rooms to the BBC Ceefax system. How times have changed since then! Network SouthEast spotted how the police system worked and saw an advantage for their customers, also adopted the system (courtesy of the BBC) and began sending details to the BBC about route problems and cancellations.

Born of small beginnings, the innovation of using data to improve customer experience has seen Nexus Alpha grow from a single-person business housed in a bedsit to one that sets the standard for modern rail and transport information systems. Today, it offers cutting edge solutions, using the vast amount of data available to help operators manage and even predict actions required to keep services running as smoothly as possible.

Nexus Alpha offices are based in Rochester in Kent, and in Clapham in London but the business was started in Patrick’s flat in Ealing.

Patrick commented: “It seemed such a big and important step when we moved to our first rented office in Clapham Old Town. Starting on my own, after two years of business I had just two co-workers. Today, we have over 40 employees and are serving the international transport industry. As Nexus Alpha has grown, so has the amount of data available with mobile computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things. We turn this data into information, based on which operators can improve outcomes, enhance customer satisfaction and even test and predict the outcomes of different scenarios.”

We live in a digital age and Nexus Alpha systems are specifically designed to be open and flexible, adapt to specific customer needs, and to make use of data from all different sources. As the banks of historical data grow larger, the systems become more and more intelligent and accurate in their predictions.

Patrick concluded: “When it comes to what we can achieve through the intelligent use of data, the future is only constrained by our imaginations. I believe our forward-thinking and open approach mean Nexus Alpha will continue to grow, opening new possibilities and opportunities for the transport sector for at least the next 25 years!”

Join us on our journey these last 25 years: https://vimeo.com/343600674

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