Titlehttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/Descriptionen-UKhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/652http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/65228/03/2017 00:00 - ITS (UK) Interest Forum - MaaS in the UK contextThe first ITS (UK) Interest Forum: events taking a close and interactive look at a cross cutting theme in ITS. Hosted by Cubic in London.2017-03-14T12:48:34Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/636http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/63604/04/2017 00:00 - Traffex 2017 ITS (UK) will as usual have a meeting point for Members at Traffex and contribute to the seminar programme2017-03-23T15:20:38Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/642http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/64205/04/2017 00:00 - SmartRail EuropeSmartRail Europe is the annual show for railway infrastructure managers, train operating companies, system and data integrators and technology suppliers to create the digital railway of the future. This technology-focused congress will divide into three separate tracks to cover the major issues facing rail today and to enable attendees to tailor their experience to their individual interests. ITS (UK) Members get discounted places 2016-12-21T15:01:55Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/653http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/65326/04/2017 00:00 - ITS (UK) and ITS Ireland Women in ITS MeetingThis joint meeting will be held in Dublin. All are welcome, including men.2017-03-17T14:11:33Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/635http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/63527/04/2017 00:00 - ITS (UK) Enforcement Interest Group meeting as guests of ITS IrelandArup will host a meeting of our Enforcement Interest Group in Dublin, when ITS Ireland Members will also be very welcome2016-11-30T17:02:47Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/647http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/64709/05/2017 00:00 - RTIC - Interactive!The much respected and long running RTIC conference series returns in a new exciting format.2017-03-24T16:18:42Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/643http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/64311/05/2017 00:00 - Swedish Women in ITS (KITS) delegation to the UKITS (UK) is organising a two day visit to Newcastle for this group of ITS professionals - ITS (UK) Members will host and are welcome to join in all or part of the programme2016-12-22T11:37:59Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/634http://www.its-uk.org.uk/events/event/63416/05/2017 00:00 - Behavioural Science in Transport - Seminar joint with the IETITS (UK) and the IET join to present a seminar on Behavioural Science in Transport, hosted by the IET in London2016-11-30T16:50:39Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/649http://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/649Technology Guide launched to benefit local authoritiesNew guidance designed to help local authorities understand the opportunities and challenges they will face in the coming years as a result of rapidly accelerating advances in transport technology is now available. The second edition of the Institution of Engineering & Technology's ‘Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology’ has been launched in association with ITS (UK). The updated guide is targeted at local government officers, elected members and their consultants and explains how technology can aid delivery of a range of policy objectives, from reducing emissions to assisting smooth traffic flows. 2017-03-12T23:10:13Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/639http://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/639ITS United Kingdom sets up Capabilities Working GroupITS (UK), the Intelligent Transport Systems society for the UK, has launched a new Working Group for Capabilities. The CWG will work on best practice in recruitment, training, qualifications and career progression in the ITS sector. It is led by ITS (UK) Technical Director Fraser Sommerville of Atkins, and includes representatives from Local Authorities, Highways England, HS2, consultancies and research institutions. The CWG has drawn up an initial list of deliverables: A definition of ITS skills and tasks, a compendium of formal qualifications useful to an ITS professional, a collection of existing, successful ITS career path studies, and a Best Practice Guide to training and development for ITS employers 2016-12-07T17:47:21Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/631http://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/631Chief Scientific Adviser leads workshop for ITS United Kingdom young professionalsNewcastle University hosted a workshop for the ITS (UK) Young Professionals group on 25 November. The workshop was led by the Department for Transport Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Phil Blythe, and about 25 students and young professionals attended.2016-11-30T16:17:46Zhttp://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/628http://www.its-uk.org.uk/news/story/628ITS World Congress celebrates innovation in the industry, awarding Transurban the annual Diversity AwardMelbourne, 14 October: Yesterday the ITS industry gathered in Melbourne at the 23rd World Congress, to celebrate an initiative that companies around the world are encouraging - embodying diversification in the workforce and supporting advances in the industry through a further commitment to women, culture and ethnicity. The second annual Award for Best Action for supporting Diversity in the ITS Workforce was this year awarded to Transurban - recognising their commitment to diversification from policy development through to implementation in the workplace. 2016-10-14T10:32:35+01:00