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Tuesday, 14th June 2016 - 11:00

ITS United Kingdom at the 2016 ITS in Europe Congress in Glasgow


The 2016 ITS in Europe Congress was held in Glasgow 5-9 June, only the second time the Congress which was established in 1992 has been held in the UK.  The previous occasion was the World Congress 2006 in London.

The Congress was a great success for ITS United Kingdom in terms of the very popular stand where ITS (UK) was supported by Members Nicander, Bartco/MVIS, IDT and the IET, and also because the effort ITS (UK) had put into promoting the event to a UK audience paid off with the largest ever UK delegation to the European Congress attending.  ITS (UK) put a lot of work into reminding UK ITS practitioners that the Congress is unlikely to be back in this country for a decade or so, and that visiting it will not be as cheap or easy for a long time. 

Jennie Martin of ITS (UK) said:  “We are very pleased that the message was taken up.  UK speakers, demonstrators and exhibitors joined together to showcase UK ITS expertise to the international audience, and the many attendees proved the commitment of the UK ITS sector.”

ITS (UK) also contributed to twelve sessions in the Congress programme as organisers, speakers, moderators and authors.

It also organised a special networking event for young professionals at the Congress, with the assistance of Mouchel and IBI.

“Excellent expo with quality clients and a well organised friendly stand -  well done to ITS (UK)” was the reaction from Pat Musgrave of Bartco/MVIS. 

Trevor Platt of Nicander said that “The ITS (UK) stand once again gave us high profile presence at an international conference and exhibition at an affordable cost for an SME.”

Dr Anna Bonne of the IET commented that “The 11th ITS European Congress and Exhibition was one of the most anticipated events of the year for us. The IET was thrilled to be part of the ITS (UK) stand at the ITS Congress in Glasgow. We were in a prime location which meant that our members could find us easily and we could promote our new project on ITS in Local Authorities to a huge number of experts. The IET would like to thank the Congress organisers and all those took an interest in our work.”


Photo shows the ITS (UK) Stand




For further information, please contact:


Jennie Martin



+44(0)20 7709 3003
Email: mailbox@its-uk.org.uk

Notes to editors:

ITS UNITED KINGDOM, the UK association for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), is a not-for-profit public/private sector association financed by members' subscriptions, and provides a forum for all organisations concerned with ITS. We work to bring the benefits that ITS can offer in terms of economic efficiency, transport safety, and environmental benefits to the United Kingdom - and at the same time expand the ITS market.

The membership, around 150 UK organisations, comprises Government Departments, Local Authorities, consultants, contractors, manufacturing and service companies, and academic and research institutions.

Members benefit from ITS United Kingdom activities including seminars, workshops and regular news dissemination. ITS United Kingdom encourages discussion on issues such as public/private co-operation, standards, legislation, information provision and new technology.

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