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Tuesday, 27th August 2013 - 10:00

Excellent progress with the new edition of the PIARC ITS Handbook


Under the auspices of a US Department of Transportation contract awarded to it, ITS America has appointed ITS United Kingdom Members Finella McKenzie and Dr John Miles as editors for a revision of the PIARC ITS Handbook, which will see it updated from the last (2004) edition and developed as an on-line knowledge resource. The editors have been developing a structure for the new web site and have devised a scheme with twenty-six modules grouped into nine different themes, each module comparable to a short chapter in a book. During the past few months the ITS America team, Miles, and McKenzie have been working to find and select the module authors. There are now eighteen appointed who between them cover twenty-five out of the twenty-six modules, so excellent progress has been made. Many of the authors are active Members of ITS America or ITS United Kingdom. 

According to Tom Kern, ITS America’s Executive Vice President and the project manager for this initiative, “we are thankful to our colleagues at the US Department of Transportation for funding this important resource and appreciative of PIARC’s leadership in helping make this a knowledge resource worthy of the ITS community we seek to engage.  This superlative team of authors under the editorial guidance of John and Finella will make for an outstanding product!”

Jennie Martin of ITS United Kingdom said that the revision was warmly welcomed by ITS (UK).  “We are very grateful to ITS America for taking on this important task and look forward to the updated Handbook.  We are delighted that so many of our Members are involved, including as Technical Editors.”


Photo shows (left to right) PIARC ITS Technical Editors Dr John Miles and Finella McKenzie




For further information, please contact:


Jennie Martin




Thomas E. Kern

ITS America


+44(0)20 7709 3003






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