ITS United Kingdom is recruiting an Operations Manager – closing date 1 November 2017

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Job title – Operations Manager

Reporting to – Secretary General

Secretary General

Operations Manager

Communications Manager * Events Manager * Book keeper * Membership Officer

Full time, permanent position

Start date: 8 January 2018

Designated work place: the ITS (UK) Secretariat, currently located at Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46-48 East Smithfield, London E1W 1AW

Salary in the range of £37,000 – £40,000

Apply by: emailing a CV and covering letter to by 1 November 2017. Interviews will be held in London E1 on 7 November.

Job description

Manage a team of four people

Implement all laws and regulations applicable to a small office and small team of staff

Be responsible for the location, content, services and equipment of the Secretariat office, including legal and health & safety matters

Design and implement an IT system suitable for a small office

Be responsible for the delivery of information, publications, events and other services to the membership (delivered with support staff assistance)

Operate off-the-shelf website management systems

Be responsible for the correct and legal maintenance of ITS (UK)’s records of contact details (delivered with support staff assistance)

Set and adhere to an annual budget for the functioning of ITS (UK)

Manage the recruitment of new Members (delivered with support staff assistance)

Represent ITS (UK) at outside (national and international) events such as exhibitions and conferences

Person description

A good understanding of the functions and ethos of a membership association / charity / not for profit

Commitment to the delivery of an excellent membership service

Interested in transport (no specific expertise required)

Capable of motivating, training and leading a small team of support staff

Capable of using up to date communications methods to deliver information to Members and others, including via social media

Capable of working at the international level (language skills appreciated)

Excellent written English

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