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Road User Charging

 ITS (UK) Members note - this is not the RUCIG Members page which carries agendas, presentations etc.  That can be found in the Members Only area of the website

Mission Statement:

"To create an environment where Government, industry, operators and academia
can share ideas and concerns openly and supportively to help identify benefits
and barriers to the timely and efficient introduction of RUC within the UK."


  • To facilitate solutions to meet road user charging requirements of local
    authorities, private concession operators and Government agencies
  • To exchange information about barriers to the implementation of RUC in the UK from the use of charging technologies to back office and central systems
  • To assist in assessing the technology and systems standards requirements, including for interoperability, and to proactively support contributions to international RUC standards developments that are relevant to and in the interest of interoperable RUC deployment in the UK
  • To track developments in the UK and internationally, and to disseminate and distribute relevant international industry and market news for other interested ITS (UK) members
  • To act as the expert group in RUC-related matters, to service other ITS (UK) interest groups and to help respond to RUC-related enquires received by ITS (UK).

Full details of this group can be downloaded here.  The Group is led by Keith Mortimer of Wyeval Consulting and Dr John Walker of the University of Southampton.

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