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ITS (UK) Members note - this is not the EIG Members page which carries agendas, presentations etc.  That can be found in the Members Only area of the website.

Using Technology to Support Road Traffic Law Compliance

The group aims to identify the current enforcement requirements of the Police, Local Authorities and other statutory bodies that may be helped by ITS technologies.

The group has the following objectives:

  • To promote awareness of ITS technologies available and needed to enforce, or to encourage compliance with, road traffic law or regulations.
  • To identify and seek to address the potential legal and institutional barriers to implementation of ITS technologies.
  • To work to ensure that any international standards in enforcement technology are appropriate and workable from a UK viewpoint.

Full details on this group can be downloaded here.  The EIG is led by Trevor Ellis, Transport Telematics, and Geoff Collins, Vysionics.

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